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Blue vs. Green Ammonia: Conflict or Coexistence?

February 12, 2021 from 9:00 am10:00 am

Zoom Webinar with Stephen Crolius
Carbon-Neutral Consulting LLC, Brooklyn, NY
Ammonia Energy Association, Brooklyn, NY


The concepts of “blue” and “green” have become fixtures in our thinking about the coming hydrogen economy. But for most of us, the dichotomy raises questions. Blue isn’t as clean as green, but is it clean enough? Green is comprehensively sustainable, but is it too expensive? “Blue vs. Green Ammonia: Conflict or Coexistence?” examines these questions through the lens of practical implementation measures that are already underway or almost here. Fortunately, it is possible to see a scenario that minimizes “blue” vs. “green” challenges.



Stephen H. Crolius is President and Co-Founder of Carbon-Neutral Consulting LLC. He is also Co-Director of the Vehicle-to-Grid EV School Bus Initiative and President of the Ammonia Energy Association.

Carbon-Neutral Consulting provides business strategy counsel to companies who are addressing opportunities and challenges related to the energy transition. The firm’s expertise is centered on electricity and hydrogen (and relevant derivatives) as key constituents of a sustainable energy economy. The firm is the publisher of the multi-client report If Ammonia Is the Answer, What Are the Questions? that explores the business strategy implications of ammonia’s adoption as a maritime fuel.

The Ammonia Energy Association is an industry body that advocates for ammonia as a method of “packaging” hydrogen that can support cost-effective scale-up of hydrogen energy infrastructure. Under Steve’s leadership, the Association has grown from a volunteer organization with no formal membership to a professional entity whose 80+ members include major players from the ammonia production, energy, chemical, and EPC industries.

Steve has 35 years of experience as a business strategy professional at The Boston Consulting Group, the strategy boutiques Telesis and Alliance Consulting Group, and in subsequent roles. He served as a senior staff member at the William J. Clinton Foundation’s Climate Initiative from 2006 to 2013. He holds an MBA from the University of Rhode Island and a BS in biology from Stanford University.


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February 12, 2021
9:00 am — 10:00 am