Affiliated Faculty

A vast array of energy research is being conducted across the University of Delaware. While the research of each individual is unique, we have done our best to narrow down and group our affiliated faculty based on focus areas. Review the focus areas below and then scroll to find our directory of affiliated faculty. Please click on the faculty member’s name to learn more about their work.

Focus Areas

Renewable Electricity

Wind power, Solar energy

Materials for Energy 

Photovoltaics, Electrolytes, Catalysts, Composite materials

Materials for Energy 

Multiscale modeling, Data science, Systems analysis, Vehicles to grid, Microgrids

Energy in Circular Economy 

Biomass, Waste, and Plastics valorization

Sustainable Manufacturing 

Energy efficiency, Additive and distributed manufacturing, Process intensification

Electrification of Chemical Transformations  

Electrosynthesis, Microwaves, Plasma, Photoelectrochemical

Energy Conversion and Storage  

Fuel cells, Batteries, Solar fuels

Energy Policy
Geothermal Energy
Nuclear Energy
Oil and Gas

Affiliated Faculty