A Community of Superheroes

Artist and University of Delaware alumnus Matt Terranova was approached by professors Bingjun Xu and April Kloxin from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) to create superhero caricatures of the faculty that could be used as a fun promotional tool and a way to liven up recruiting events. Terranova used his creativity to turn the drawings into “trading cards” that can be distributed much like business cards.

A lifelong superhero fan, Terranova was excited to be able to work with CBE on this project. To begin, each of the participating professors chose his or her own superhero. He then reviewed their individual Research Group pages to get an understanding of their work. His goal with each design was to use the original superhero choice as inspiration but create a unique character that incorporated specific elements of everyone’s research into the “superpower” or overall design.

The professors have been excited to see their superpowers illustrated in such a unique fashion. This is an ongoing project. The photos below include the first round of complete trading cards by Terranova. Check back as the collection continues to grow!

You can learn more about Terranova and his work from this UDaily article or by visiting his website.