Research Projects

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Intensified Microwave Reactor Technology
Focus area: Intensified process fundamentals
Lead Team Members: Dion Vlachos (PI), Raul Lobo
Partners/Collaborators: UTRC, Rutgers University, Leuven University

RAPID Reaction Software Ecosystem
Focus area: Modeling and simulation
Lead Team Members: Dion Vlachos (PI), Raul Lobo, Marat Orazov, Michela Taufer, Sunita Chandrasekaran
Partners/Collaborators: PSE (gPROMS), Dow Chemical, University of Minnesota, University of Massachusetts

Efficient Chemicals Production via Chemical Looping
Focus area: Natural gas upgrading
Lead Team Members: Raul Lobo (PI), Dion Vlachos, Babatunde Ogunnaike
Partners/Collaborators: Dow Chemical Company

Sugars-to-Bioproducts Scalable Platform Technology
Focus area: Renewable bioproducts
Lead Team Members: Dion Vlachos(PI), Raul Lobo
Partners/Collaborators: Rutgers University, Leuven University

Three-Way Catalytic Distillation to Renewable Surfactants via Triglycerides
Focus area: Renewable bioproducts
Lead Team Member: Paul Dauenhauer (PI), University of Minnesota
Partners/Collaborators: Sironix Renewables (Christoph Krumm), University of Delaware (Babatunde Ogunnaike)

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