Mineral Choices

Minerals in the Modern World

October 21, 2022

Mineral Choices Podcast

Minerals play a critical and complex role in achieving a sustainable future. University of Delaware’s Saleem Ali, Blue and Gold Distinguished Professor of Energy and the Environment, shines light on the topic and its intricacies along with doctoral student, Thomas Hale, in their Mineral Choices podcast, “A Rock and a Hard Place.”

Ali, who also serves as academic director for University of Delaware’s Minerals, Materials and Society (MMS) Program, and Hale use the podcast to engage experts in the field to inform, debate, and analyze the demand for critical minerals in relation to global sustainability. Similarly, the podcast’s hosting website, Mineral Choices, curates a variety of articles, academic literature, videos, interviews, and other resources in an easy-to-access platform. They aim to bring the diverse perspectives, academic research, and expert input typically reserved for scientists to a broader audience of engaged citizens.

Look for the ”A Rock and a Hard Place” podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts or thorough the Mineral Choices website. As the go live, each episode is also shared on the “A Rock and a Hard Place” Twitter account. Follow @RHP_pod to make sure you don’t miss an episode!